Affidavit: Shirley Roth Horse Abuse Allegations

“All the injuries are a result [of] excessive abusive training practices,” according to Alan Donnell, DVM. He is the veterinarian that treated the quarter horse, Kissin The Girls, at the Reichert Celebration in Texas. Shirley Roth, the horse’s trainer, was scheduled to show the two year-old for his owner, but never got him to the ring.

According to an arrest affidavit released today, Roth “intentionally or knowingly torture[d], kill, in a cruel manner, or cause[d] serious bodily injury to an animal” when she “caused numerous abrasions, swellings, and contusions on multiple areas on the body” of the red roan stallion.

Roth was arrested in Florida on a fugitive warrant issued by Fort Worth Police on September 25. She bonded out the next day.

The report mentions each wound in size, while the young horse’s mental state is described as “depressed and agitated.” The records state the injuries on the horse’s barrel had “a hair like substance glued to the skin” and “are a result of spur trauma…”

Detective JD Brady spoke with Roth and her attorney, Michael Siboni, prior to her arrest according to the report. “She told me that she had caused a spur injury to the horse in August and she treated it at that time. She also said she has been accused of animal cruelty to horses in the past but was not convicted.”

Roth’s extradition hearing is scheduled for October 26. It is not know whether she will fight extradition. She faces a felony charge of cruelty to livestock in Texas.

Roth is currently suspended from the American Quarter Horse Association and National Snaffle Bit Association.