As of 2018, Horse Authority’s equine expertise has been included in two books, the front page of The New York Times, and the investigative TV news series Full Measure, as well as other media outlets.

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Full Measure

The syndicated investigative news series Full Measure sourced Horse Authority (formerly Rate My Horse PRO) in late 2015 after a massive animal abuse case in Virginia. Hosted by Sharyl Attkisson, the TV news magazine examines factors that may lead horse rescuers to become horse abusers.


The Investigative TV News Series Full Measures looks at When Horse Rescuers become Horse Abusers
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When Horse Theft Is Not A "Crime" | EQUUS Interviews Debbie Hanson of Rate My Horse PRO


The August 2015 edition of EQUUS horse magazine features the article When Horse Theft is Not a “Crime”.

Rate My Horse PRO’s Debbie Hanson offers tips to help horse owners from becoming victims.

“When engaging the services of a friend or professional in the industry, a contract is essential, and is meant to protect both parties,” says Debbie Hanson of…

… The contract does not have to be formally put together by an attorney, although that is ideal, says Hanson. However, she says, “The agreed-upon terms should be noted and the document must be signed by both parties.”

Keep the contract current at all times. “We see victims get into trouble when the initial contract ends and new terms are agreed upon verbally,” says Hanson. “Always protect yourself; don’t get comfortable. Add the new terms to the original contract and have both parties sign and date it. If they won’t agree to it in writing, walk away.”


The EQUUS article states:

Since 2010, has advocated for fair practices within the horse industry by providing a resource for people to rate trainers and other equestrian professionals. The site also offers criminal background checks, sample contracts, and a compendium of news stories, including horse professionals who have been charged with criminal activity.


The horse magazine lists Rate My Horse PRO as a recommended resource for horse owners.

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Equine Journal

Horse Authority (formerly Rate My Horse PRO) Provides easy access to criminal background checks. Order yours now by going to Shop. Successful criminals know exactly what you want to hear that's what Rate My Horse PRO provides accredited background checks to the equine industry.