All About Cutting

A new horse article published in March 2015 by All About Cutting looks at horse abuse and if the issue is on the rise.

Author Rick Dennis cites as one of the “best sources” for finding information on horse abuse cases.

“This organization seems to have a remarkable and unlimited source of information gathering on this topic and readily brings it to the forefront of public awareness,” he says.

Dennis also states, “I’ve always found their news reliable and accurate. Besides reporting on animal abuse cases, this organization also offers background checks…”

Dennis’s career included horses and the law enforcement sector. He is also an author of multiple horse-related books.





Madison Equestrian Examiner

Do you want to protect your horse stable’s business, your bottom dollar, and your sanity?

The Madison Equestrian Examiner delves into why you may want to consider vetting future clients if you run a horse boarding business.

The author includes six methods business owners can use to help protect themselves. Rate My Horse PRO is included at the top of the list.


True Crime Novel

Rate My Horse PRO is featured true crime novel about SAU horse theft and death of Credit Card. The dust has settled, although greed and thievery didn't allow Shaun Smith's horse, Credit Card, to return home alive. Mike Thompson is a Texas writer and the author of "Rough Stock"
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The dust settled since the Arkansas five horse theft stunned nationally. Was it greed that didn’t allow Shaun Smith’s horse Credit Card to return home alive or something more sinister?

A new book details the true crime that rocked horse lovers’ faith in humanity. The criminal ringleader and rodeo mom is serving a 60-year prison sentence in Arkansas.

Rough Stock: The Southern Arkansas University Horse Theft Case is by Mike Thompson. He is a former criminal defense attorney located in Texas.

The book explores the SAU theft of the college students’ rodeo horses in November 2011. They didn’t have to look far to find the culprit and fellow barrel racer Jaci Rae Jackson and her accomplices. The mastermind behind the plot was Jackson’s mother, Wendi Cox.

Cox enlisted the help of her on-again-off-again boyfriend with a criminal history, William “Billy” Hamilton, and other lesser known players.

The book details the investigation and reporting of the case.

“A copy of the Arkansas warrant was obtained by the Internet site, Rate My Horse PRO and published online. Rate My Horse Pro (RMHP) is an Internet website that provides rating services and information about the providers of services in the horse industry, including trainers… RMHP additionally covers and reports upon hundreds of civil and criminal court cases involving horses in its Equine Court section of the site.”

Readers indulge in new case details from the criminal case proceedings in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Never before seen documents, including the private letter from Shaun Smith’s father pleading with the Arkansas judge not to sentence Jackson to probation, but instead, to time behind bars, are made available for the first time.

Shaun Smith owned Credit Card, the sorrel roping horse that was shot, had his throat slit and was dismembered by his captors.

The statement by Jay Smith reads, in part:

“…I am hopeful that you do not follow the direction that you will be given by the Prosecutor if he is asking for probation. I was really upset and hurt when I found out that he, Mr. Butler, had written a letter to the judge in Oklahoma asking for probation. I would like to ask him to put my shoes on and walk in my steps every day. Most people think this was just an incident with an animal… I would like to see if Mr. Butler would have written a letter asking for probation if he had went with me to identify the body parts and see this animal cut into 5 pieces [sic]. To have to pick up his remains in trash bags to transport him back to our farm for proper burial. If he had gone through that, then his letter might not have been written. The pain that I endured to do this and then explain to my family and friends what happened was the hardest thing I have ever done as a father. Then to hear Jacie comment later that when you get done with a Credit Card you cut it up…”