Power of You

Horse Authority invites you to get involved because you can make a tangible difference in horses’ lives. Collaborative efforts spark new chances for sustainable change that benefit horse welfare.
Further, every opportunity to give is an opportunity to receive. Join us, as a changemaker for horses.
The only thing that is missing is you.

Purple Horse Collaboration

Horse Authority created an Instagram account in 2017 resulting in the discovery of an amazing equine photographer. The timing perfectly coincided with company discussions regarding how to best visually communicate the “why” behind Horse Authority’s social mission.

Thank you to Anna Smolens at Purple Horse Designs for making a difference for horses through collaboration at Horse Authority.

Passion led us here in 2010, although a rebrand called for a new website with quality, one-of-a-kind images representing the natural beauty of our equine partners.

Equine photographer, Anna Smolens of Purple Horse Designs captures compelling images due to her unique ability to draw authentic, raw emotion from her subjects. The Maryland-based equestrian provides fine art equine and portrait photography.

Additionally, Anna epitomizes natural talent allowing her to effortlessly explore the complex relationship between horses and their humans. That may be why Purple Horse Designs has almost 70K engaged followers on Instagram.

Anna graciously collaborated with Horse Authority thus allowing us to use her magnificent equine photography throughout the site. Certainly, the equine images will move you, as they do us.

Thank you to Anna Smolens of Purple Horse Designs for creating impact for horses through collaboration!

Are you a Changemaker for Horses?

If you share our values, join Horse Authority’s community of changemakers for horses.

Wondering what it takes?

There are many ways to get involved, whether through your time, talents, or resources. 

Here are 11 ways you can contribute directly to our work. Each gives a stronger, unified voice to the issues impacting horse welfare…

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