Passionate horse people, like you

Horse Authority is aligning business and social initiatives to improve horse welfare.

Empowering the equine industry through awareness since 2010, the social enterprise is sparking innovation where purpose, education, and technology converge.

Horse Authority goes beyond blue ribbons with an impact-driven focus creating new measures of success centered around the horse.

What the Experts Say

Horse Authority has brought a level playing field to ethics in the horse industry by bringing logical, truthful, and well-researched information to the forefront … The site keeps people honest and provides valuable information for people to read, digest, and form their own opinions.

Bonnie Navin, Esq

Rubenstein Law

Living Our Values

We lead our lives with integrity and courage.

We offer an intense level of customer focus and strive to exceed your expectations.

We seek opportunities for continuous learning and growth while sharing our knowledge with you.
We educate to empower because it benefits horse welfare.

We see challenges as opportunities. As a result, we embrace failure, learning from our mistakes as we innovate and disrupt to create positive change.

 Together, we can do more for horses 

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