Marketing your stallion

3 Ways to Market Your Stallion

by Jamie Samples

So you have this fantastic stallion and you are confident in his ability to produce quality babies; however, you are not sure to effectively get the message out to prospective mare owners. The big question is where to start. With the many marketing options, which are the most effective and affordable? We will give you, what we believe, are the top three ways to market your stallion.

1. Your stallion must have an online presence.

This starts with a website, and not just any old website. You have to look at your website and think of first impressions. If a prospective mare owner landed on your stallion’s website what would they think about your horse? Your website MUST reflect the quality of your stallion. This might require outsourcing your website development to someone other than yourself or a friend of the family. This is when you have to remember that cheap is not always better. Remember you have a quality stallion and your website must reflect this.

2. Your stallion must show his “personality” on social media.

Does your stallion have a Facebook page? Are you showcasing his talent through video posts, awards & recognition & most of all lots of quality pictures? It is really great when a stallion owner showcases the mares & new babies for the entire world to see.

An example of a stallion that really has a great Facebook page is a Paint Stallion named John Simon. I am sure he instructs his owners every day what he would like to be posted *wink wink*. When you preview his Facebook page you can really tell this stallion has a great personality and you can see what types of babies he produces. Also, you can truly tell that he has a great temperament. He has many photos of children and special times with his owners. What is a great looking horse if they do not have a solid temperament?

This is one of the easiest ways to showcase your stallion. We recommend posting a minimum of once per day every day of the week. We know horse owners are very busy so we recommend that you utilize the Facebook scheduling tool within Facebook.

3. Although there are so many great ways to market your stallion, the last option we want to highlight is Email Marketing.

Staying connected with mare owners and others in the industry is crucial for your stallion. You may speak with someone at a Stallion Exhibition or a show where your stallion is doing well in the ring. That person may or may not have a mare this moment to breed or this person could be a great connector and know many others that could have an interest.

Connecting once a month via email is a great way to ensure your stallion stays at the forefront of those important targets’ minds. We recommend using Constant Contact as an email platform. The service allows you to showcase a professional design that also allows you to track the number of opens, click through rates and many other helpful marketing statistics. It is also easy to use.

Keep in mind that if you have a dynamite stallion, all of your marketing materials must reflect that message. You never know how someone will find out about your stallion. First impressions are everything.  

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