18 Horses Seized from Thompson Kill Pen Sheriff office says charges are expected after a horse seizure at Thompson Horse Lot.

18 Horses Seized from Thompson Kill Pen for Alleged Neglect

Charges Expected: Sheriff

Louisiana officials seized 18 horses from Thompson Horse Lot & Co. on Wednesday.

The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office states criminal charges are expected after it concludes the investigation. Deputies executed a search warrant at the Pitkin property. A veterinarian evaluated about 40 kill pen horses before the seizure.

It comes after the sheriff’s office received numerous complaints of neglect at the kill pen located at 456 Donald Perkins Road. Additionally, a photo was allegedly taken last week which reportedly shows a dead horse decomposing at Thompson Horse Lot.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture Livestock Brand Commission is investigating when and where the horses were purchased.

We contacted the Sheriff’s office for additional details although haven’t heard back.